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Kayla is a Midwest native who began working in the super yacht industry in 2011, driven by the desire to escape the harsh winters of Minnesota. Her adventurous spirit and passion for exploration led her to a career that spanned over a decade cruising locations all over the world gaining invaluable experience in hospitality and travel. Though it’s impossible to choose just one favorite location, French Polynesia holds a special place in her heart as it’s where she was based for over a year and was able to truly immerse herself in the local culture while creating life-long friendships. Most recently, she explored Italy by campervan for three months, hiking the Dolomites, sipping Aperols along the Amalfi Coast and everything in between. After leaving the seas behind for life on land in 2023, Kayla has now settled on the Sunshine Coast in Australia where she has fully embraced the Aussie way of life!