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Why Palatka is NOT the Armpit of Florida

Florida, Travel

  1. J says:

    Palatka really doesn’t know how good they have it for being such a small place. Most small towns with a similar low cost of living to theirs don’t look half as good or have half as many events and historical places to visit. And most of them don’t have as many shopping and dining options, either… or as many small businesses (I know SMBs barely make it in Palatka, but y’all DO make it, and that’s more than be said for SMBs in a lot of places).

    • I mean, I kind of like it here. They’ve been saying that Palatka is going to be booming in another 20 years for the last 60 years, but with the rate St. John’s County is expanding, and the way property prices are rising here in the historic distruct, I would be surprised if it did pop off soon! Downtown is cute, and there is plenty of room for growth.

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