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Oktoberfest Travel Guide: Survival Tips for Oktoberfest (Updated 2022)

EUROPE, Germany, Study Abroad Guide, Travel, Travel Advice, Travel Planning

  1. I love your attire. It is like those dress that a princess wears in Disney’s fairy tale stories. You look like Sleeping Beauty. By the way, do you need to drink all the wine you have during the festivity?

    • Thank you!! I paid a pretty penny for this dirndl, as it is a nicer made one, but I will use it again and again for Oktoberfest festivities!! And I suppose you don’t HAVE to drink all of the beer, but it’s definitely worth it! (:

  2. Andi Comia says:

    It looks really fun! I hope I will get a chance to go here!!

  3. TravelingKen says:

    Excellent guide! I’ve been planning a trip to Germany for a long time (as my heritage is German), and Oktoberfest is certainly a must-see for me. I’ve heard the early hours are rough (standing in line for hours, keeping your seat), but it looks like it’s completely worth it!

  4. You know what I love about the Oktoberfest? No, not the beer (since I don’t drink). I love the community feeling and I love the Lederhosen and Dirndls:. For beer lovers, though…this is the biggest party ever.

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