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What You Need to Understand Before You Move to Italy

Expat Advice, Italy, Study Abroad Guide

  1. Penny says:

    One definite reason why I would love to visit Italy is because of the food. Thankfully the cheese isn’t small!!!! And a gelato on a hot summer day is absolutely divine. Somehow I feel that the taste of the original cusine mutates from place to place. Visiting Italy would like putting a brand label on what everything really should be like!

  2. Haylee says:

    Great tips for those planning to move to Italy. Sounds like a dream to live in Italy, but, like anywhere, I guess there’s always the reality that we have to realise that not everything will be perfect. Also, that gelato looks delicious!!

  3. sherianne says:

    I can not imagine living somewhere like Rome where it is so very hot without AC. Super grateful I was in a decent hotel and did not experience this electricity problem. On the other hand, Florence is so beautiful I think I could adapt!

  4. This is a really helpful write up. I think you have pointed out the exact things that one needs to know before moving to Italy. Thanks.

  5. Similar to Spain with them tiny roads but sure them cheese and pizza ain’t that tiny in fact one of the biggest. Lunch and dinner was always accompanied with wine when I visited.

  6. Zoe says:

    So helpful, thank you! What is your favorite city in Italy?

  7. kali says:

    “Italians tend to be very energy-conscious and turn off lights when they leave rooms and don’t have appliances running unless it’s necessary”
    of course you have to turn off lights when you leave rooms, where ever you live in the world, are you kidding ? and air dry your laundry is so exceptional for you ??? I understand why Americans are the worst consumers of energy in the world !

    • I think you just proved my point ???? though when this article was written we were not in a recession with fuel and energy costs the way they are now! So maybe Americans are switching the lights off now! And with all these smart lights and houses, people are starting to automate ????

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