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5 Things I Learned About Paris, In Paris

EUROPE, France, Travel

  1. Monica says:

    You really inspire to visit Paris. Indeed eiffel tower is great capturing. Having climbed it three times I am ever ready to visit it again. Thanks for your tips and beautiful shots

    • Thank you! That’s ever the goal- to inspire! There’s just an aura about the Eiffel Tower- I haven’t climbed it though, I opted to climb Notre Dame instead, so the Eiffel Tower could be in my photos (and I have a weird problem where I’m obsessed with climbing up church towers!)

  2. I lived in Paris last year and it’s totally true that Parisians aren’t rude! They’re only rude if you don’t make an effort to speak the language etc (I think I’d be annoyed if someone came to my country and refused to learn even a few basic ‘please’, ‘hello’ and ‘thank yous’ too!) the Eiffel Tower is so wonderful when it sparkles, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Having been to Paris thrice, I would have to agree with all your observations, except the first. Twice I encountered the situation where I was asked if I spoke French and I had to say a truthful ‘no’. Both times, they person who asked the question sneered / made a private joke that I did not understand. It was not just embarrassing, but insulting and rude. Of course, there were dozens of nice, helpful people too, so one cannot generalize.

    • Well, there’s rude people everywhere- it might not really have anything to do with where they’re from…they just like to be jerks!! I guess that’s the interesting thing about travel, is how one place can leave so many different experiences on different people!

  4. Haylee says:

    Love these little tips! Also enjoyed reading the perspective you give in your first point about rudeness. I’m hoping to make in to Paris by the end of the year, but I think after reading this I might try to brush up on some French before I do!

  5. I do agree with you. We had a good experience in Paris, and the people were not rude at all. There are so many myths people associate with places and people which are not true. In a broader sense people are the same everywhere. Thre are good and bad people in all places.

  6. Mike Clegg says:

    Definitely agree with the magical statement. I had some interesting customer service at restaurants during my visit. I’m sure many people would find it rude but I found it kind of funny. The waiters would ask what we wanted to order and then just walked off before we’d said anything. They would also give us bread from another table that had just left lol. Fun times. Definitely a great place to visit though.

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