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My 8 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Love all your goals! Number 2 especially resonates with me. I have a pretty solid albeit small following on my equally as small blog, yet I constantly find myself green with envy over all these megabucks bloggers with hundreds of thousands of people following their lives. I forget that I don’t actually want that. I didn’t get into blogging for fame or money, I got into it because I like writing, and I like sharing my experiences with those who wish to read about them.
    I’m so jealous you’re heading to Peru!! It’s one of my favourite countries – have visited three times in the space of 4 and a half years; it’s somewhere I’ll never get bored of!

    • Amazing!! It’s definitely something important to remember! I write and film/photog for myself, and hopefully to inspire at least one person to get up and travel! I want to share my experience and if nobody wants to read them, that’s ok!! I’ll know I had a fun time ??

    • Also yes!!! I’m SO SO SO excited to go to Peru!!!!

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