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  1. Geisa says:

    I really admire how you think it is true to can affort travel you have to save money and don’t do a lot of things you have to sacrifice yohrself ,but it is all worthy.Keep it up Sidney you are an inspiration for others,

    • Thank you!! It’s so true, everyone can afford to travel- you just have to put your mind to it! Two years ago I had never even flown and now I’ve been all over the world! Hard work and patience is key! Thanks got your comment ??

  2. Catherine Windish says:

    Keep going, Sydney! Wonderful to travel, meet new people, and be an inspiration to so many:)
    Mama Dub

  3. Mama Dub!! Thank you so much for commenting, I hope you know your class made me better writer (and person) and the memories continue to inspire me! Hopefully I’ll see you on our new side of the Atlantic soon ❤️

  4. Erica says:

    In the future I’d think more about reaching a more broad audience. Out of state students along with people like myself can’t use our parents nor do we have things like Hulu to cancel to save money. A job doesnt even cover tutition for most students. I
    Instead I’d focus more on the travel experience itself, and the cheapest way to go about it. And no, saying you look for the cheapest flights isnt very helpful either. Sorry to be overly critical, but just thought maybe you could take something from this to improve your articles for the future

    • Hi!! I have a few other articles about traveling cheaply, and I directly linked to my article about how to save on flights- check it out if you’re interested in how I fly internationally for under 500! As for audience this was a particular article about a specific question my readers have been asking me lately- so I answered! If you’re interested I can speak with you one on one about specific things you can do to save money to travel- anything to help out.

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