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Starting a Blog From Scratch – 10 Tips to Get Started

Blogging Tips

  1. Sammy Hyatt says:

    This was so helpful! I was just looking this up online and then saw this on my WordPress reader. Thank you for the great info!

  2. Carmen says:

    What do you mean by “ don’t overstuff your keyword!” like don’t make it too long? Would love clarification.

    • Hi! What I mean by that is don’t put your key word in TOO many times. A common example of this would be like in a pinterest pin description saying “this is a blog on 10 ways to start your blog from scratch. I am going to tell you how to start your blog from scratch. You start your blog from scratch by doing these 10 methods” Your keywords need to naturally fit in and make sense not feel “stuffed” into your posts!

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